Friday, January 30, 2009

Fisheye Lens

Nikon Fisheye Lens 10.5 mm f/ 2.8 delivers incredible images with a 180-degree angle of view. Was it the 80's this style was popular, where people's faces looked all bulbous and wiiiide! You'll see some of Grant in a minute.

This is probably the lens I need the most practice and playing around with. Normally I would not have grabbed this lens to take pictures of Grant outside riding his scooter, but I forced myself...just to see. This is a fun lens and can get some cool results, I'm still learning how to get them.

So far I have enjoyed the wide openness it can bring to a shot, love the curvy earth effect!

It's been fun for big group shots like this:

And I love the effect it gives on landscapes:

So here are a few from the other evening. I got the iso all wrong...but it was fun playing around.

My Boy. See what I mean about the face.

Our forrest.

My awesome strap Diana got me for Christmas!

My favorite.

I definitely need more time with this lens.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Those are great! I love that last one especially! This lens has some good uses!

Lisha said...

You are brave playing around with this lens... it would scare me! I love the last one and the landscape. And of course our family pic. Can't wait to see more!

co•lin fam•i•ly said...

This is a camera that (because of your fun shots, even before this post) I've always wanted.

I love the camera strap.

I found a website last night, where you can RENT (at "are you kidding me prices") lenses and EVEN cameras! Crazy!

Mama Nirvana said...

Well, I'm just chiming in to say that you are looking super skinny.

Have a great weekend!


Ditto Family said...

My favorite is the landscape at night! Enjoy your pizza and movie night! Do you guys ever run out of good movies? Is it always a kids movie? We often rent one for the kids each Friday night but I often am struggling to find one that I approve of.

Check out

danakat said...

Super fun shots!
I'm partial to the cute close-ups of Grant. Those made me smile. :)

Jill Ellingson said...

I am Angela's friend from Washington and LOVE, LOVE your photogrpahy! I just got a cannon rebel and I often wonder how I can caputre the shots like that you do. YOU are AMAZING. I love seeing what you do with the camera. You just caputre the neatest moments. Thank you for sharing your gifts...even with people you don't know.

Jill from Tacoma, WA

hope said...

definitely one of the fun lenses I want to get... after a macro lense. I like my macro attachments, but a macro lense would be superb!!