Friday, December 19, 2008

Grant Turns Six.

Happy Birthday to My Boy. Have I mentioned how much love I love him?

Grant's words:
I like cars.
I am turning six.
My favorite food is string cheese.
I like recess at school and playing with my friends.
I love my baby sister sooooo much! She's one of my best friends.
At home I like to play with my toys (that means everything).
My family is nice to me.

(Note-I wrote five words that I thought described Grant first and then asked Mark to do the same. Funny how similar our five were!)

Dad's words:

Mom's words:

Grace's words:
Screech! Smile! Smile! Screech! Laugh!


Holcomb Lady said...

How awesome!!! I love the lists!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday GW!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Grant. What a beautiful boy you have Kim. It's been fun to see him grow up through your marvelous pictures.

Jen said...


I second ALL the "words" you both used to describe your boy.

Enjoy your birthDAY!!

Lisa C said...

Happy birthday Grant!

I remember the first time I noticed Grant. He must've been about 3 years old, when Brent and Carol got married. I saw him running around the flagpole in front of the Seattle temple. Just running circles around it, with a huge smile on his face. I snapped a picture of it. This kid embraces life, I love it.

Mama Nirvana said...

Happy Birthday, Grant!

The day he was born was also the day you became a mom. What a beautiful boy.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Grant hope you have a good one.

fam•i•ly said...

They grow up so fast. In my mind he's still a little toddler (or at least he's supposed to be!)

Love the storyboard!

Jessica M said...

Great picture compilation! I love the boots with the radio flyer. Your pictures are always so suggestive of a story. Makes me want to "read" more.

Happy birthday Grant!

danakat said...

Very fun post for a very fun, and funny, boy.

Quincy Sorensen said...

Happy Birthday, Grant! One can get lost in those blue eyes! I hope the party is a huge success (of course, it will be). Yay for Grant!

Anonymous said...

Love the collage! He is a cute 6 year old!

Amy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Grant! You're another year wiser and smarter too!
Love, Gage, Cole, Amy and Lanson

Ditto Family said...

I remember coming to see and hold Grant when he was just a couple of weeks old in your first apartment. Seems like forever ago and just like the other day at the same time.

What a handsome and delightful boy!

Brenley said...

I love the collage. I have been trying to make a few recently, it is alot of fun, but frustrating too.

Wendyrful said...

Happy Birthday Grant!!! Have a great day!

Kathy Streed said...

My five words describing Grant would be: happy, caring, inquisitive, silly and independent. You've done an exceptional job raising him. I feel awful that I missed his birthday. A card will be mailed to him tomorrow.

Lisa Rampton Halverson said...

I love this record of your Grant! especially the lists of 5 words from you and Mark.

Happy belated, Grant!