Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Slower Pace...

I feel like things are slowing down a bit and I can sit and enjoy a quiet moment here and there. We're staying home for the holidays and as much as I will miss my family I'm excited for the little Christmas we'll have in our home. We're trying to think of some fun traditions to start...anyone have some ideas?

I'm afraid Gracie might have an ear infection again. I will have to take her in on Monday to know for sure. Just when we thought we were done...and Grant still has a lingering cough from before Thanksgiving. It will be nice to have these two home together for the next two weeks just taking it easy.

Grant enjoyed a party with his friends. We made it through two hours of keeping nine little boys occupied! I was happy it went well and tired by the end of the day!

It has been pouring rain nonstop this past week and it continues today. Grant went out back with his boots on to inspect things...I followed a bit later, just happened to grab my camera (because you never know what he might be up to) and this is what I found.

I hope everyone has safe travels this weekend...the weather has been a bit crazy everywhere!!!


Diana said...

Here's an idea for a tradition: Drive to Hunstville Airport--Fly to PDX--Drive to Corvallis. I like that one :)

Mama Nirvana said...

Very funny, Diana.

We're decorating sugar cookies on Christmas day. I can't think of much else -- maybe a craft. When the kids are little it's not like we can head out and do caroling. At some point I want to do a secret Santa service project type thing, but I'm thinking that's a couple years away.


fam•i•ly said...

Did Grant mention what he was looking for/at? What a good little climber!

No traditions to share, but Diana's is cute. :)

Whitney said...

My favorite tradition growing up has always been that my mom will buy us kids (which there were 2 in my family as well) new pj's and we got to open that gift on Christmas Eve & wear them to bed that night, so that we had them on when we opened presents in the morning. :)

Angie Nelson said...

Did you not get the comment I left yesterday Kim?