Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Stopped Raining...for a moment

I had to jot down a few things about this little girl before I forgot. It seems over just a few weeks she is doing so much more! Gracie is now standing on her own at times, after she pulls up on things she will let go! Then just yesterday she seems to have figured out how to clap...yay!!! we say and she claps and smiles! She has four teeth (two on top, two on bottom). She is a mover and wants to be in and involved in everything! Everything goes in her mouth and she isn't very happy about me swiping things out. Baby proofing here we come!

I wanted to get some quick pictures of her outside today and it was sopping wet. She wanted so badly to get down and crawl away, but she was a good girl for a few minutes and stood still. I think I am almost a Southener as I didn't think twice about taking pictures with brown grass! Ha! Yes, it's like that in the winter here, not because we don't water.

And big brother turns six tomorrow!!


Jessica M said...

What a cute outfit! You've got a great backyard for pictures. Love the last picture!

Jen said...

Ha! I looked at that picture and the first thing I noticed was that brown grass! :)

My favorite is the last one.

Mama Nirvana said...

I love those tights. I can't believe she is standing on her own!


fam•i•ly said...

She is SOOOOO stinkin' adorable!

She is beautiful and getting SO big!

I think I noticed the brown grass because you told when in Oregon.

My favorite is the last one also!

danakat said...

I think green grass in winter would be weird. Just throwing in my two cents. :)

And Gracie is darling in those boots and hat!
Hope Grant has a wonderful bday!

Holcomb Lady said...

My fav is the last one as well. Those sweetgums are intriguing little things aren't they?! She is so precious.

Beth said...

Gosh I am dying to get that outfit for Addie? Must tell where you find these amazingly cute outfits!!! She is an absolute doll.

Amy said...

LOVE those shots! What a sweety!

Ditto Family said...

Okay, I've got to get on your hand-me-down list. Grace drips in cuteness from head to toe. It's not just the most adorable way she is dressed though, that smile and those eyes! Oh my...just love her!