Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three Winners!


Ditto Famiy said...
Man the competition for the free print is getting tough! I've enjoyed perusing both your blog and photogrpahy website for the past hour or so. I think you need to raise your prices for your photoshoots though. I'm sure you spend tons of time editing the shots and that should be more reflected in the prices.
Tami did a great job all the cute labels and header. Way to go!
Love how you are not hiding your talent under a bushel!
If I am the winner I would like the close up pink zinnia print. Now to see who's lucky day it is!

Dana said...
I have been following your work for quite a while. Kim H. is a friend and in my ward.
Great look, great talent!

Julie said...
Very cute blog! You are a professional with the understanding that "simple" is very complex. Heres' to many years of beautiful pictures to come!

Please email me at kimberlygreenfield@gmail.com to get details on how to order your print!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and comments!!!


Ditto Family said...

I'm A Winner!!!! Yeah!! I can't wait to add another Kimberly talented piece of artwork to my home!!!

Michelle said...

I agree with Ditto Family... You could definitely charge more for your talent. :) I love the pictures. Maybe I'll have to order a print anyways, even though I didn't win. :) I love the new site!

Julie said...

I'm so excited! I never win anything! This will be my first piece of artwork from you! I'll email you soon. Thanks again!