Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Just the other day I was looking over a pocket calendar I have and noticing the different holidays. Earth Day caught my eye and a tinge of guilt set in. I admit since moving away from the West my green ways have diminished some. I thought back to previous Earth Days when every year Mark would come home from the OSU campus with an Earth Day t-shirt for me. This very same afternoon of reminiscing Mark came back from running errands with Grant and what should he pull out of the bag; an Earth Day t-shirt for Kim. I smiled.

Today I am thinking about:
Corvallis, Oregon and it's beautiful greenness and never ending hiking trails.
Seattle and Mt. Rainier and recycle bins that are bigger than the garbage bins.
My summer in Australia & New Zealand.
Outdoor School with my sixth graders.
Salmon Watch.
Camping with Mark.
Wearing Birkenstocks in middle school.
Mimi & Granddad's flowers.
Corn on the cob...from the garden or Tweets.
Walking home from high school with Sara.
Earths & Globes I've collected.
America Dream Pizza & New Morning Bakery.
Road trip to Canada with Mark & Grant.
Gracie at Destin.
My new Dogwoods & Hydrangeas and my Dahlias yet to bloom.
My Japanese Maple in Sumner.
Taking pictures in a field.
The beautiful earth we live on.
How blessed I am.


Mama Nirvana said...

What a treat to see a picture of you! Remember when I went to buy new Birks for my birthday and the crazy lady who helped us? Oregon misses you too, Kim :)


Alli said...

I forget sometimes that the rest of the country isn't as "green" oriented as Oregon. It is a great place, isn't it?

Ditto Family said...

Oh my...what beautiful eyes Kimberly. I love your eye liner touch. So is that your new earth day shirt? Remember when I bought you one from Hawaii (I think?). I miss our walks home too. I can add something to your list though, this time of the year would mean AWFUL allergies in Corvallis. Love the rest, though.

Happy Earth day to you!

Angie said...

You look so cute in your new shirt and skinny! I love your hair too:)Oh and it is the best place on earth for the beautiful green everywhere!

karen said...

I love this post. So fun and happy.

hope said...

That is sweet! Happy Earth Day to you!!

I married an Oregon boy, so I know what you mean!! And I love being more green!!!

Becki said...

Sorry to leave soo many comments, but I happened to notice you posted again, and I love your pics. When I saw they were of you, I just had to smile because you look great! Thanks for sharing too and reminding me of earth day. I'll have to do something with the kids. :)

Rebekah said...

i love your pictures! :] its always nice to see the woman behind the camera!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Kim, I love seeing pictures of YOU on your blog.

danakat said...

Fun fun fun post!
I bought some way cute Publix sacks for Earth Day.
And I want a recycle bin bigger than my garbage can. How do we go about getting THAT to happen?

Ryan and Lori said...

What a fun post! Love how happy you look. Great memories!

emily a. said...

It is a treat to see you. You look so great, Kim. Love the shirt.

Lisa C said...

What a lovely post. I totally missed Earth Day.