Friday, February 06, 2009

Who do you go for?

A clarifying post for my sis-in-law Tami and sis Diana.

Here in the South people say, "Who do you go for?" referring to sports teams. Since Grant has started school and during football season, this was quite the question at school. Kids even have little chants involving thumb moves about Alabama vs. Auburn (the two big teams here in AL). He would come home often and ask, who do we go for? So, Mark made the executive decision on which team our family would go for. He bought the kids Alabama paraphernalia for Christmas. Grant was happy he now has two teams to go for: OSU and ALabama!

I wondered what Gracie would do with several red and white onesies with matching socks. They're getting some use on days like this when her outfit gets dirty and it's the end of the day. The leggings were thrown on so her chubs wouldn't get too cold-too bad they aren't orange and black...Go Beavs!

Have I mentioned Gracie's pretty much a total walker now!


danakat said...

That picture is absolutely and completely happy-making!

FYI: I have not once...ever...asked: Who do you go for? (just in case you wondered how deep my southern roots really go.)


Anonymous said...

That is so cute and true! Now that Tyson is going to Bama for school we say that is who we are loyal to now! :)Though we don't really watch the games!

Diana said...

So since you guys 'go for' Alabama does that mean I should pull out that outfit the gymnastics team brought me when they were here for the NCAA finals (Alabama is the Crimson Tide right?). I think i did a New Kids on the Block routine to it in the 3rd grade talent show. We should fish it out of the dress up box next time you're here. Go Beavs!

TamBaum said...

And of course the Bama shirt has to be Nike...