Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Dog from Prague

Remember this dog from a post several months ago? I got it in Prague when Grant was a baby, he rarely played with it. Here it was getting some good slobber time from Gracie. She has been way into toys and chewing them to death.

Here's the dog now, four months later (missing a few items and teeth scratch marks all over...poor dog.):

Despite her chewing obsession, she's quite squishable!


Diana said...

Oh how funny and sad at the same time. Does that mean we need to make another trip to Prague?! And, I hope the toy doesn't have lead paint :)

danakat said... So glad the dog is finally getting the love it was intended for.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I can't believe Gracie is walking!?! Where has the time gone? She is, indeed, very squishable.

Dawn, said...

What a cute, loved to 'near' death puppy.

Beth said...

That is too funny!

Mike and Carrie said...

Please keep up the plethora of phots! They're awe inspiring, I've shown Mike your website and I think he is getting excited about getting a camera. Thanks!

Dana Anderson said...

I am a friend of a friend of yours in Ohio and she had your website on her blog. I have only taken pictures on the side and I think I am just now trying to get into it more. I love your pictures. I do a mix of natural light and flash.
I love your work! You have beautiful children!
This little series of pictures is cute and creative.

How did you set up your work website?

dana anderson

Julie said...

I love the evolution of "The Dog" posts. Miss blue-eyes is getting big!