Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seriously Mom?

The above look given to a mom screaming, Caw! Caw! to get her daughter's attention. It worked for about two seconds. I think the sitting still days are just about over and trying to get Baby Girl to look at me...I've got to start getting creative!

With all my screeching, acting like a crow, trying so hard to have her sit still in front of the backdrop I had set up and look, smile, laugh...just look. This one is my favorite-after she walked away. Maybe I'm trying too hard.

...Stay tuned tomorrow for some white fluffiness!


hope said...

I went outside at dusk today and tried to get a few pics, but I am just too tired and frustrated to take anything worthwhile. Before I knew it the sun was far gone. No good.

Those are beautiful! I like the last one, too. The cheeks are so adorable!!!

danakat said...

Ha! The first one is so funny. :)
And the last one is amazing with the light from the blinds reflected in her gorgeous eyes. And that cheek is just begging for a smoosher.

Kim said...

Landon is the same way it's amazing to actually get a picture of him looking at me and not running away or playing with some toy. She's a doll.

Mama Nirvana said...

I'm laughing at this one -- imagining you playing a game of moose-moose trying to get Grace's attention.

Remember, the candids are always the best.


C & C said...

You are hilarious. It is so funny the things we do to get our kids to look at the camera. That made me laugh. Never thought of cawing like a crow...Maybe I'll try it next time.