Monday, February 02, 2009

I Like Green

Probably my favorite lens and the one that I use on the majority of my outdoor sessions is my Nikkor 17-55 mm f/2.8. I have had it just over a year and it's a fabulous lens! I loved the 50 mm for portraits and with the low aperature it was great indoor and out. But sometimes I wanted just a little more wiggle room, zooming in or out without having to move, having a little bit more of a wide angle, but keeping a wide aprature. This lens was the solution! As I mentioned I mainly use this lens outdoors, it certainly can be used indoors with good lighting. Here I wanted to capture Grace with the painting. If I were using my 50 mm there would not have been enough room for me to scoot back in the room (I already had the table and chairs pushed out of the way as far as they could go), I would of only been able to capture her (without the painting). With the wide angle I was able to get the effect I wanted and with the small zoom, able to crop in on her as well. Once the weather warms up later this week I will post some from outside, but pretty much any session I've done outside this is the lens that was used.

Now, on to green. I love it. I did a whole post about it once. There's probably more I could say about it.... I got this fun green basket recently, thanks Dawn!!

And one in b&w, Grace wasn't enjoying the basket, but I sure thought she was cute!


Mama Nirvana said...

Green is my favorite too -- I just told Mike last night that when we are in our forever house I want to paint it apple green with white trim.

Your lessons are very educational.


danakat said...

I love it!
You know, when you bought that basket, I totally was picturing Grace in it. How fun!

hope said...

I love the basket!

As far as the lense goes, I know my 18-55 doesn't have the Aperture (I think mine is 3.5-5.6), but I know what you mean by getting the wider angles. I never really favored it outsde though because I like to use my 50-200 to zoom in on my critters from a bit farther so they don't know I am taking the pics. They do some quarky smiles when they know I am there. I still have a TON to lean though as far as outdoor portraits (indoor as well, but I don't like indoor pics). I would love to have a session with you, practicing with my lenses and such. Anything I can do to get quality pics of my fam.

Ditto Family said...

Looks like you should throw a class like Leah is doing. Love the painting and Grace!

Anonymous said...

They look great! Heath saw these pics and says "I LOVE that baby!"

Lisha said...

I'm lovin' the 50mm, but I think I need that lens next!