Friday, January 09, 2009

Our Friday Afternoons

Everyday when Grant gets home from school Grace wakes up and follows him around like a little puppy....literally. He's so good about it and plays with her. Usually they are in her room or his, but this afternoon they ventured around the downstairs.

Off he she goes.

Of course he has his cars out.

See the red thing in Grace's hand? That is her bag of peanuts. She likes to carry it everywhere. She grabs it and crawls all over with it, I'm not sure what she likes about it...the little peanuts that dangle from it?

There she goes, following him...peanuts in hand.

I think Grant is straining not to drop her!

She has found the stairs!

Peanut going up the stairs with Grace.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

Then homemade pizza & a movie! I love Fridays! What traditions do you have?


Diana said...

I think this is my favorite post ever!

Mama Nirvana said...

I LOVE the peanut. When a kid has a favorite thing it is so cute.


danakat said...

First of all, I love that peanut toy. It makes me laugh. :) And the way those two love each other is beautiful.

Second, are your floors always that clean and shiny? Seriously...

And yes! I love Fridays with my family. We order fun food, play a couple of games, pick a movie or something good on TV, and we all fall asleep reading our favorite books of the week.

Jen said...

I was wondering when she was going to find those stairs.

Grant is such an amazing big brother. Grace sure is one lucky girl.

Friday night movie nights are a favorite at our house, too.

emily a. said...

i agree, this post is so precious. It's so sweet how you capture their interactions. that last picture though is priceless. So sweet.

Cami said...

That is so familiar. The kids at home sure miss the kids who aren't so sweet that you captured it. Your fridays sound like ours.

hope said...

I have to agreee, movie and pizza on Friday nights are awesome! Last night we got to go over to friends to enjoy their same tradition with them! I love Fridays!!

Rachel said...

This is a common Daddy position in our house too! haha!