Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Weather & Bugs

I would have to say Alabama weather is very strange. After having weeks of 80 degree weather, this past week we encountered freezing temperatures at night (one night even snowing) and today a very windy thunderstorm. Things will brighten and warm up this week. I guess you have to be prepared for any season any given day!

With the warmer weather the bugs have emerged from who knows where and are particularly in abundance around the lake. The other morning while running with Grant I swallowed one!!! It went in with my breath and stuck to my throat. I immediately stopped and gagged, coughed and cringed! Disgusting!!! Grant jumped out of the jogger to make sure I was OK. I was, eventually, but could feel that thing in my throat all morning long (even though it had long been swallowed). So now, as I'm seeing what sorts of bugs are emerging I'm wondering what it could of been that I accidentally ate. There are these really gross looking mosquito type bugs with translucent bodies that I'm afraid it might of been. I'm not going to dwell on it and hope it doesn't happen again! If I had my much wanted macro lens I would be getting you some pictures of these creatures...maybe later in the summer when they are all out in full force, including the lightening bugs. Until then, use your imagination.


Mama Nirvana said...

Yuck! I understand your reasoning in wanting to know what it was -- maybe to make it more palatable. Maybe you need to run with a mask?


Sara said...

Oh disgusting!! I love the lightening bugs. When we lived in PA we used to sneak out our window at night and catch the fireflies in jars and then climb back into our rooms at watch them flicker during the night. I hope they are still around in October!

Leah said...

Ok, that is gross. And those bugs sound like the ones that are around Utah Lake here that totally sick me out. You flick them away and they kind of just explode. Gross.

Ang said...

I am gagging, literally, right now. EWWWWWE.

That pic of Grant is great. Very sharp eyes. Did you soften the rest of him? You're a pro!