Friday, August 07, 2009

This & That

Summer Recap:
Where did the summer go? I purposely didn't plan a lot and yet I felt we were completely busy every day. Sigh. Here's what I do remember...
-2 1.5 weeks in Oregon and Seattle
-running a marathon
-swinging on the play set
-grant in swim lessons
-a quick weekend in Idaho
-swimming at the pool
-a few photo sessions and play dates
-4th of July with friends
-visit from Jessi and trip to Disney
-watching two children laugh and grow
-being busy, but content

Back to School
Grant will start first grade Monday. We met his teacher yesterday and Grant is very excited! He even has a friend from last year in his class. Gracie and mom will sure miss him!

What can I say about this little bit? She has a spring in her step and sure knows what she wants. With Grant off to school she'll be overflowing on my posts (you've now been warned)!

12 Years
Mark and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary last month by exchanging homemade notes of love. I think those are the best kind of gift.

Mark's b-day
Mark's a year older, happened a couple weeks ago while he was rafting in TN.

Mark's Travels
Mark also has been traveling a bit more this past month. Both with work and the Young Men at church. He had a meeting inside the pentagon on one of the trips. I prefer to have him home and so do the kids.

Cardinal Update
He's goooone!!! (knock on wood). But the owl is left out, just in case.

The Garden
Well, it was an interesting go at it, didn't produce much: a few strawberries, over a dozen tomatoes, a few peppers, an egg plant is still growing and a few very tiny sunflowers.

Looking forward to:
A routine with Grant back in school. My sister Diana's visit soon! Gracie's face when she sees Grant getting off the bus. Cooler days of fall. Running. Taking pictures. Trying a garden again next summer.

Show me the love!
They really do love to play with each other, but Gracie can show him who's boss!


Mama Nirvana said...

Looking at your pictures, I'm soooo jealous of Grace walking. That is bad of me -- I'm sorry.

You guys did have a busy summer. Looking forward to reading about the rest of the year.


Dawn said...

I so love these posts. Getting so excited watching Grace's hair coming in, precious! Our first garden attempt has been hit or miss too... can only go up from here, grin!

Kim Mayfield said...

LOVE the picture of Gracie showing Grant who is boss! Fabulous!!

As a mom whose boys benefit from your husband's absences from home, let me say thank you for your sacrifice. I know it's not easy on you, but we appreciate it.

Beth said...

Good post! I love Grace's pink little mary janes... are they crocs? Adorable!

Rachel said...

These photos remind me so much of how Sammy and Sabine interact. I should be taking more photos this summer, I am just so focused on having fun I forgot all about it...I just love that you did. Darling. Thanks Kim, I can always come here for inspiration. :)