Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PTA & A Piggy

I have mentioned before how thankful I am to be living in a community that supports education; that my son is going to a great school, has a great teacher and a bright future in the school system. I taught school for five plus years and had average to below average involvement from parents, crowded classrooms and virtually no budget to work with. I never had a room mom or parent's come in to help with the class, buy things for me...let alone wonderful treats in the staff room awaiting with an uninterrupted break. And PTA, what was that? Is there such place that so avidly supports their teachers and then some? Welcome to Grant's school...PTA on steroids times ten!

The good news is that this is most definitely good (supporting education and all)...but I have began to wonder how much fundraising does one school really need to do? And where as a parent do you find the balance? It seems weekly since school has started there have been different fundraisers going on, here are just a few examples: join PTA, buy a school t-shirt, buy a kindergarten class t-shirt, eat at Wendy's night (bi-monthly & they are adding Chic-File to this next month), selling savings cards, Shop at Krogers and give to your school, and the most recent one...they sent home a piece of art work Grant had done (bar coded and everything on the back) with a little catalogue of things you can purchase with that piece of art work on it! Mugs, t-shirts, etc... I was persuaded to get the luggage tags. Coming up we have the school Fall Festival including raffles as fundraisers (children were asked to bring in items for) and gift cards that give percentages back when you buy them. My head is spinning.

Now on to the piggy. Not only is the PTA out in full force raising money, they know just how to involve the parents that much more and get them to their meetings. Tonight the kindergartners performed at the PTA meeting. Who wouldn't want to see such a sight! Grant was SO excited and had been practicing his songs and dance moves all week.

Here he is:

Blowing the house down:

Hopping out:

The gym was packed, parents were smiling, waving, some even dancing along. The PTA minutes were brief, something about money going to the playground and then...more fund raising. I have to be grateful for these wonderful citizens supporting their child's school...even if it means a little here and there. Which reminds me I have to make a salad Friday for the kindergarten teachers lunch, go on a field trip next week, squeeze in lunch again with Grant and help plan the classroom Fall party. No, I'm not the room mom...but a mom that has enjoyed watching her son mature, learn, grow, smile and talk excitedly about his friends and school over the past few months. I think that's worth every ounce of involvement!


Quincy Sorensen said...

I LOVE the PTA pictures! That piggy mask is too much! :)

Charity said...

There is a steady stream of fundraisers at our school too, but we have great schools here, so I guess all of that begging for dollars pays off :)

Kim said...

I had to laugh when you were talking about all the fundraising, we had that here too. Everyweek Madie had some new fundraiser, I am totally not opposed to helping out, but come on, everyweek. That wasn't including the list of school supplies we had to purchase for the teachers. Oh don't get me started. Grant looks like he is really liking school, it is soo fun to see them grow and mature.

Wendyrful said...

Our school decided to slow it down a bit this year. We did have the t-shirt sales, but other than that and the shoping cards you show at the grocery store that gets the school money for what you already spend, and box tops (boxtopoly)... we only have/had one fund raiser this year. It was a boosterthon fun run. My kids didn't think it was ALL taht much fun. They all got a t-shirt, and we hate pushing peole and begging for money, so... we didn't ask for extra donations personally. My kids are sad there is no fall festival this year, but I think we have enough fall parties -between church and friends parties.

danakat said...

I agree. I feel so blessed with our schools in the area. Too busy sometimes, but what better reason to keep busy than for my kids.

Love the little pigs and chickies. Must have been great evening entertainment.

Kim said...

On the bright side, once he hits middle school, all the fundraising, for the most, stops! We ask our parents for a $25 donation instead of fundraising. Now the sports teams... they do a lot of fundraising!
Which school does Grant go to, and who is his teacher?