Friday, October 31, 2008

Cat In The Hat Grant

See how simple we are? Grant was supposed to choose a character from a book for school today. He chose to be The Cat in The Hat-he loves Dr. Suess. He had chosen to be Robin Hood for tonight's trick-or-treating, but was having second thoughts last night. So, we'll see what he chooses later on! The pumpkin he's next to is the one we carves yesterday afternoon, you can see his drawing on where I supposed to cut!

There was a very long parade (K-3rd graders only) this morning at Grant's school. He had fun waving and then his class had a little Fall Party afterwards.

I'm trying to be festive and just made some pumpkin bars...yum!

Happy Halloween!


danakat said...

He drew that face?! It is really good!
Love the ghost on the door. Can I come see it close up?
Did you make those bows? They are mega-mongo...and gorgeous. If you did, can you teach me how to make them that big? I'm not so good at large-scale bow making.

And I'm laughing at how you said your "trying" to be festive. :) You're funny.

Anonymous said...

Well you are way more festive than I am because we haven't put up any Halloween things (your stuff looks great too)! I guess my oops of an orange foyer was painted wrong just in time! :)

He looks adorable! I admit that this isn't my fave of a holiday, but my kids LOVE to dress up and I LOVE to watch them having fun! :)

Kim said...

That is the cutest Cat in the Hat that I have ever seen! How clever!!

Pumpkin Bars sound yummy! Do you mind sharing your recipe? I've been so hungry for something pumpkin lately.

Lisha said...

I love the costumes, you're more festive than you think... we didn't even carve a pumpkin this year.

Cami said...

Very creative. I love that you didn't go to crazy with it.