Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bring On The Rain!

Oregon here we come....two days and counting! [This is what happens when I get distracted packing...take pictures of my baby girl!]

Everything...goes in the mouth!

Later in the evening:

Keep'n it real:

Grass on Grace's face, Grant's is covered with chocolate from the cookie he wouldn't put down and numbers written on his fingers from piano lessons.


danakat said...

She looks so precious in those little jeans and sneakers!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink shirt and jacket! She is a cutie and I love the pics of her and big brother!

Mama Nirvana said...

She looks ready for the weather (seems it will definitely be raining when you come).

Can't wait.


Diana said...

It's rainy and the ground's covered in puddles here...perfect timing!

Ditto Family said...

So how are piano lessons going? I've heard it is good to wait until your child is reading before enrolling them. Has Grant caught on quickly?

Just think I will only be five hours away from you in two days. Where is my jet?

Love that top picture!

Brenley said...

How long will you be in Oregon? Maybe I could get you to take some family pictures of us.(I will need to check out your website for prices). Enjoy your trip!

I was looking at my blog today and I just about had a melt down over what it looks like. I think I need to simplify it ALOT. I like how you have your blog links on a whole other blog, I might try that.

As always beautiful pics of your adorable kids!

Quincy Sorensen said...

Hey Kim, you've got your priorities right! :) I'll be missing you and hoping you have such a fun trip with your family. Thanks for all your kind words to me. We're home from the hospital now, in the care of a really wonderful neurologist. We're in good spirits right now. Lots of love!

Meta said...

seriously, do they get any cuter? I think my kids are pretty dang cute, but kim.....those eyes, lips are adorable!!!!!! your mom is going to eat her up with love!