Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh, To Be A Kid...

On Saturday our apartment complex was hosting a little party for kids. We went and look what Grant got! Wow, it's almost as big as he is. These were the type of baskets that I only dreamt of as a child....Grant was very pleased.

House update:
We have a date to walk through the house! The 23rd of this month and will close within that week!!! We can't tell you how excited we are about this. We went out to take a look at the house and the cabinets were up (pictures here)! I had chosen white cabinets and when we looked at what was installed they looked very off white or cream. I was a bit surprised and thought they had it wrong and had dreams all night about cream colored cabinets. The next day we went back to talk with the lady from our builder about it. They were the right color, but against the beige painted wall, they just were washed out. Apparently, they are not "stark white". She agreed with me, that this was not going to do and I was happy with the solution. The two walls that the cabinets are on will be painted (a green) color, to let the white cabinets sand out! I am excited, because originally we did not have the option to paint a different color and I wasn't about to tackle the 12 foot ceilings we have in the kitchen! They are also being lenient and we're getting the dining room painted and a wall in the great room (to tie in with the kitchen). So, I have been contemplating colors, using the rug we got for the great room as a gage:

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Colin Family said...

The house looks beautiful! Tell Grant good job on the hunt!