Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Feeling A Bit Nostalgic

Yesterday I heard from my friend, Noelle in Sumner who's husband did some beautiful construction work on our house (Front and back porch). Then I talked with Angela, another friend from Sumner, but who now lives in Bellevue. She often goes to Sumner (her family lives there) and when she was there the other day at the park she saw my old neighbor, Kelli who lived across the street. And just this morning my friend, Leslie from Sumner had a post all about just that, Sumner.

Hearing, talking, reminiscing about our life back in Sumner made me feel a little nostalgic. There were many nice things about living in a quaint little town; having the park within walking distance, the church around the corner, the old houses, the cute boutiques downtown, the SMALL library and story time with an amazing librarian, good friends...just to name a few. I loved our old house...well, I loved certain things about our old house, especially the finished product of our hard work on the upgrades and yard. Not, the stuff like the rat Mark saw, the sky high heating bills (because of poor insulation), and the leaky tub in our tiny one bathroom. I wonder if the new owners are taking care of the many plants I planted (many transplants or starts from my parents yard) flaming bush, forsythia, I wonder if the Chinese Wisteria is climbing well up and over the eve of the garage like I had intended and if the Japanese Maple is getting a proper trim. Do they appreciate the paver stone patio we put in with our bare hands (thanks for help from my parents). Maybe I'm just itching a little too much to get into our new house. I am ready.

It took me a while to feel a love towards Sumner, and by the time we moved I had formed, you could say a relationship with it. Tears were shed as we left our empty house, passed Angela's and the train station and ventured on cross country to our new and exciting life. We're meeting new people, making new connections, waiting for our new house and learning new things. I certainly have learned one thing about change and that is, it CAN be good. This change has been good for us, but that doesn't mean those people and places I've mentioned above don't have a very sweet place in my heart.

Here's Grant right after we moved to Sumner. He still talks about his friends there and if he gets upset about something he'll say he wants to move back.


Julia said...

That yard is beautiful. Man I would love to have a yard like that. I love old houses. They have so much personality. Grant is so adorable in these pictures. I can't believe how blonde he was. I am sure you don't miss all of the rain in Washington.

Anonymous said...

You're trying to make me cry aren't you! I wish you were still in Sumner. I'm not going to lie. I know, that just wasn't in the plans. I remember Grant looking like that and the very fist time I saw the two of you in church. I knew we'd be friends. Miss you! Angela
PS I'm going to check out the plant on the garage for you.

Emily and Ryan said...

That is an adorable house Kim! Right now that looks like a dream from the apartment we're in.

Sara said...

Wow, Grant has grown up! I know what you mean about missing many things of your old house. I miss the character that an old house has--but I certainly do love an attached garage and a garage door opener.

You always leave a bit of yourself wherever you travel. Good thing there is always more of you!

Kim said...

I think I am going to cry, especially since we will be doing that soon ourselves, it is hard to leave the memories behind, even though you look forward to the new adventure, and new things, it is hard to leave the past behind, especially when it is filled with special memories.

Mama Nirvana said...

Oh, I just loved this post. It shows how times just change and change and you can never go back. Mike and I have lived so many places. When we moved into this house, John was younger than Charlie is now. It's amazing!